Learning Ally is a national non-profit dedicated to helping students with print disabilities, including blindness, visual impairment and dyslexia. Learning Ally improves the way students learn at home and in the classroom.

Learning Ally improves the way students learn at home and in the classroom by providing over 80,000 audiobooks and other resources.

Statistics are clear: Up to 1 in 5 students has a learning difference. That means 10 million students in grades K-12 alone are struggling to read the printed word. Together it’s possible to help these students succeed in school, feel more confident, and stay on a positive path for years to come.

This is Jessie Gollin, a 12-year-old from Cherry Hill, NJ. Jessie has dyslexia and she has made it her mission to educate others about her difficulties with reading and spelling. She works hard every day to succeed in school, many times studying twice as hard as her peers.  In fact, her teachers marvel at her solid work ethic.  Jessie views dyslexia as a gift.  Due to the fact that she thinks a little differently, dyslexia has afforded her the creativity to act, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and write her own songs. Jessie loves all things music and Broadway!  She has been acting since the age of 6 and is serious about her craft.  Along with Leggings for a Reason, Jessie is excited to have inspired the design for comfy and fun leggings that reflect who she is and what she hopes to achieve in life!  Jessie's leggings have a cute musical theme and they feature her favorite quote from Finding Neverland: "We're all made of stars, we're all made of dreams."  Jessie is committed to raising social awareness for Learning Ally, an organization that has afforded her the ability to enjoy books she otherwise might not have been able to read.

In partnership with Leggings for a Reason, she will donate 100% of profits from the sale of these leggings to Learning Ally for her Mitzvah project, a meaningful, good deed Jessie has chosen as part of her journey towards becoming a Bat Mitzvah in March of 2018.

Together it's possible.


  • For students who are dyslexic, blind, and/or visually impaired to have equal opportunities to learn.


  • Promote personal achievement when access and reading are barriers to learning by advancing the use of accessible and effective educational solutions.
Gollin Family

Further information about Jessie: She recently originated the role of Elaina in Anne Lucas's play From Silence at Theater for the New City.  Other favorite stage roles include Young Nala in The Lion King Jr, Pilar in Legally Blonde Jr, Zuzu Bailey in A Wonderful Life and Silvermist in Peter Pan Jr.  Film credits include Lenny (Raina) and Woodhaven (Featured Extra).  Jessie is a current member of Broadway Youth Ensemble.  She has performed in musical theater cabarets, as well as an annual Stand Up 2 Cancer charity event held in Cherry Hill.  When she's not performing, Jessie loves to tap dance, sew and play the bass guitar.

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