Mirror, Mirror: Ways to exercise warm when it gets cold

From the December 17th, 2015 post appearing on

And if you're anything like Camille Enkeboll, a Hainesport, N.J., a fine digital artist who designs inspirational athletic gear, you know the importance of getting in a good outdoor workout, even when it's chilly.

"It's the best way to connect with nature and be mindful," said Enkeboll, 41. She has been exercising - running, doing aerobics, and being a member of a gym - since she was 12. "And it's the best way to get a good dose of vitamin D. We need that all year round."

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Hainesport Woman Spreads Inspiration and Hope Through Yoga Gear

From the October 27, 2015 article appearing in the Burlington County Times:

Hainesport woman spreads inspiration and hope through yoga gear

By Caitlyn Stulpin, Staff writer, Burlington County Times

Passion is found while exploring inspiration and for Camille Enkeboll, her passion has turned into a business of inspiring others.

"I truly believe that everything you think, you speak — it has an impact," she said. "We all need to be more positive and that's my inspiration behind all of this."

Enkeboll, a California native, became a fitness fanatic early on in life. Spending her time participating in high-intensity activities, including spin classes, hiking, running and many others, she'd found her way to stay fit, stay active and lead a healthy life.

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Art for Inspiration's Sake: Motivating One Yoga Mat at a Time

From the December 2015 article appearing in the Natural Awakenings magazine:

So when she paints “Breathe” across a yoga mat, she firmly believes she’s helping others endure the hardships in their own lives. Enkeboll lives in Hainesport and sells her products nationally under the name Consciously Cool Chick. These include inspirational yoga mats, which feature a non-toxic, microfiber surface, and a line of racer-back tank tops and sweatshirts, each designed with its own legend. Further, much as yoga, at its best, is simultaneously calming and empowering, so too are Enkeboll’s stylistic messages. “My work is intended to wake people up to inspiration and contributing to society. These goals are achievable through a love of self and others, a passion for peace, appreciation of the moment and authentically connecting with yourself and others.”

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Artist uses Yoga Mats to Inspire Change

From the May 4th, 2015 article appearing in the Courier-Post:

Artist Camille Enkeboll wants to use her talent to inspire and empower women, so she developed and designed a line of eco-friendly yoga mats with beautiful yet meaningful images and words.

"Just like other women, I'm all about looking within and becoming a better person," says Enkeboll, of Hainesport. "Seeing positive reminders promote this, so I create products that can brighten lives and help people through challenges."

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